Cartegic Group - Strategic Scenarios for Resilient Organizations    



Strategic Market Segmentation

Cartegic helps clients to define and target with power those unique market segments in which they can grow, thrive and dominate the competition.

We employ a multi-step process of research, analysis and internal group deliberation to help our technology clients connect their product attributes (features, functions and benefits), service capabilities and technology and intellectual property portfolios more explicitly and compellingly with the specific unsolved problems of different classes of individual corporate decision-makers and decision-influencers.

Our approach marries the best of well-executed quantitative and qualitative market research with lively, structured internal brainstorming and message-development sessions.

In engineering- and product-driven industries particularly - especially those selling indirectly - our approach has helped clients establish a clear, shared, up-to-date understanding of why end customers pay for their products and services, why they sometimes don't and what they can do better to increase customer loyalty and 'wallet-share'.